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A bras le corps

Creation of the visual identity, layout and graphical design for the website and Les cahiers d'« A bras le corps ». www.abraslecorps.com

The logo is made from a specially typography worked for the identity of A bras le corps, a multimedia magazine on contemporary art. Blocks interconnect each rigid characters. They are the symbol of the interaction between the different actors of the project. These blocks are declined in different communication media.


  • Carte in situ
  • Détail de la carte recto
  • Détail de la carte verso

Creation of a postcard for Demain, directed by Frédéric Bernard and produced by Les productions du lama. www.lesproductionsdulama.com

This film captures a moment in the life of Thomas, 13, during his teenage crisis. The visual works as a kaleidoscope translating disorders experienced by the main character. Typography with damaged contours reflects the ambiguity, the contrast between the child's face and the signs of revolt. On the front side, the eye is in the distance. On the back side, we "enter into" his mind. The typography fearlessly develops over the entire space and echoes the harsh atmosphere.

Mamers en Mars

  • Visuel du projet
  • Détail Mamers en Mars
  • Autre détail Mamers en Mars

Creation of a visual for the competition of the 2013 edition of the Mamers en Mars Festival.

This project is resolutely graphic. A landscape is emerging, a place where nature and cinema could meet. Forms in the background symbolize Europe's diversity and at the same time it's proximity. Nature is embodied in various elements. Cinema is expressed in a more subtle way, it is represented by the beam projected on the screen.

Short Circuit

  • Accueil du site
  • Détail lightbox
  • Détail lightbox

Graphic design and website development for Short Circuit (European Network of Short Film and Video Art Distributors).www.shortcircuitnetwork.org

The graphic research has been focused on the idea of Visibility, Exchange and Simplicity while maintaining an institutional spirit. The site is very structured, it opposes the round shapes of the association's modern logo. A tab system, appearing on mouseovers allows fluidity in browsing the website.

Too Many Cowboys

  • Logo sur page Vimeo
  • Logo sur page Facebook

Creation of the visual identity for Too Many Cowboys (production company). www.toomanycowboys.com

Too many cowboys ... Long live the Indians! The tone is set. Symbolized by the arrow piercing the logo and the red dripping war paint, the Indian seems to be a troublemaker ... This logo tends to spark adversity inspires one to defend his/her ideals. The typography uses some of the Wild West accents and sends a playful message. A new version of the graphics for the website is in progress.
To be continued ...

Les productions du lama

  • En-tete et enveloppe des productions du lama
  • Enveloppe verso des productions du lama
  • Badge Les productions du lama
  • Carte de visite des productions du lama

Creation of the visual identity (logo, stationery) and derivatives (badges, stickers, etc.). for Les productions du lama (production company). www.lesproductionsdulama.com

Research has naturally gravitated to the company name. The idea is to put forward a mind shifted to create an original identity distinguishing itself from the classical world of cinema. Thus, the llama is so figurative, as expressed by two stylized features, with rigid forms and sharp angles. These two features intertwined symbolize the combination of the two founding members, but also Movement and Evolution. The logo, between buffer and seal, just translates production choices supported by this structure.

Le fou de Beaucourt

  • Recto jaquette DVD du fou de Beaucourt
  • Galette du DVD du fou de Beaucourt

Creation of the poster, the jacket, the disc face of the DVD and a press kit for Le fou de Beaucourt, directed by Fabrice Marquat and produced by Laterna Magica. www.laternamagica-production.fr

From images proposed by the film director, the work is focused on the interpretation of the film's universe. The choice of the visual is crucial: what is he hiding behind the closed curtain, this pair of abandoned shoes? The game of typography and transparency overlay suggests "craziness" in homage to the author's father, a collector of all kinds of objects. The shoes are enhanced with a design to represent one of the techniques used in this film: the insertion of animated scenes in the middle of live action.


  • Carte du court métrage Petite
  • Verso Carte du court métrage Petite
  • Carte du court métrage Petite

Creation of a postcard-sized flyer for Petite, directed by Rodolphe Olcèse and produced by Les productions du lama. www.lesproductionsdulama.com

The visual selected by the director is carrying a powerful symbol. Echoing the demands of the director the image isn't reworked, the color is unchanged, and there are no effects used. Marked contrast with the white solid color is an allegory of the Unknown, a future to be written.

Josh Houseman

  • Page Facebook de Josh Houseman
  • Page kisskissbankbank de Josh Houseman

Creation of the logo design for Josh Houseman, musician, American songwriter. www.facebook.com/josh.houseman

his work is born from the close collaboration with the artist, capturing the essence of his folk and acoustic music and his poetry. The logo is worked by hand, coarsely. No frills, no free aesthetic. We are inside the simple and sincere form, the essential. In addition to typography, can we see a tree? The inspiration for the author's songs can be found in his American roots. Is this the representation of a volcano? His new roots ...


  • Flyer promo soirée Prisme n°2
  • Flyers promo soirée Prisme n°2
  • Détail du flyer promo soirée Prisme n°2

Creation of a flyer for Prisme. An evening of performances, music, projections, and installations organized by the Collectif Jeune Cinema. www.cjcinema.org

We had to break away from the identity of the previous flyers, they were dark and lacking in modernity. Simplicity and purity oppose rigid and uncontrolled lines, not unlike the visitor's moving in the evening from one discipline to another. This line also translates schematically the continuity and connection.

Beloved unparted

  • Jaquette DVD de Chair disparue
  • Jaquette DVD de Chair disparue version anglaise et Invit projection

Creation of a poster, an invitation, and a jacket for the French and English DVD Beloved Unparted (original title Chair disparue), directed by Pascal Mieszala and produced by Les enragés. www.lesenrages.com

Supernatural phenomena, mystical atmosphere, fear, perceptions of disorder ... How to synthesize this drama? The visual is striking: a close up of the eye (the main character), serves as a clue to the film. The work on the light contours of the typography reflects the mysterious and fantastic character of the director's work.

L'épicerie de Julie

  • Carte de visite de l'épicerie de Julie
  • Détail du menu
  • Vue d'ensemble des menus

Creation of the visual identity (logo, stationery) and a menu template for L'épicerie de Julie, a french deli.

A sketched logo synonymous with greed, is treated with elegance for this newly restored deli. The logo should "reassure" the customer, creating some traditional benchmarks, explaining the choice of a serif typeface. The layout of the menu is modern.


  • Recto de la carte du film Tremble
  • Verso de la carte du film Tremble

Creation of the flyer for Tremble, directed by Rodolphe Olcèse and produced by Les Productins du lama www.lesproductionsdulama.com

"Revealing the presence of existential concerns in an environment," is one of the main themes of this film. The work of the visual is not trivial, it tends to reveal the disorder of a man experiencing great loss. An image that we do not necessarily include at the first reading, very dark, plunges us into the tormented world of this creation.


  • Enveloppe et carte de correspondance
  • Papeterie
  • Détail papeterie et kakémono

Project to create the visual identity (logo, stationery, CD sleeve) and kakemonos for Cadence agency(audio communication).

In answer to the work of this agency, which develops highly customized content, a homemade typography has been created, naturally inspired by the musical note. The logo consists of three colors, which, when superimposed reveal readability. They are the representation of the three stakeholders in a sound achievement (the client, the agency and the creation tools).


  • 3 premiers numéros du magazine Think
  • Détail du premier numéro du magazine Think
  • Une page intérieure du premier numéro du magazine Think
  • Deuxième page intérieure du premier numéro du magazine Think

Project to create a monthly cultural magazine.

The objective is to offer a different cultural magazine covering disparate topics focused around the Art world (music, cinema, exhibitions, graphics, fashion, etc.). The cover is a change from the usual style: an image that is outside the scope, the texts are inclined. It provokes an interaction with the reader. The interior layout is designed to be adaptable and responsive to context.